NEU Air Moving Technologies evacuates powders and granules, weighs and doses the ingredients required for their processing, and provides mixing thanks to a range of cutting-edge equipment. Food products are conveyed from one station to the next until they reach the packaging unit thanks to a pneumatic conveyor system designed to ensure the best ratio between the material throughput, absorbed power, and investment.

Operator health and safety considerations are covered by ventilation, air decontamination and dust extraction systems that are highly integrated into the process. These systems also protect the equipment from operating errors and wear.

Product quality is also a major issue for manufacturers as the presence of micro-organisms in production units is the source that alters the best-before date of a food product. The decontamination of the air in the general workshop environment, or near the product thanks to laminar flow ventilation protecting the product until it is wrapped, are solutions provided by the company.

NEU Air Moving Technologies has designed and created large-scale, totally integrated and automated installations for world-leading companies, particularly on other continents, but also sets up more compact systems for smaller companies.

The global solution of NEU Air Moving Technologies selected by a worldwide group in Japan

A dairy worldwide group ordered NEU a turnkey installation dedicated to yogurt fabrication on a large scale on the Japanese market. This customer asked NEU a fully automated system.
Raw materials (skim milk powder, sugar and micro- ingredients) arrive by truck, big bags and / or sacks. The major ingredients (milk and sugar) are stored in many silos. The preparation of batches is done with all the ingredients by pneumatic conveying. The pre-weighed ingredients are introduced into the pneumatic conveying lines. Batches so formed are directed to the liquid process to start the fermentation. The installation consists of sacks tipping station, unloading station of big bags, bin, weighing hopper...

All the conveying lines are in dilute phase either suction system or combined suck/blow system with flow rate up to 11t/hr depending on the lines. Conveying conditions were optimized with a treatment of transport air to meet product specifications to convey: cooling and / or drying for milk powder and sugar.
The operation of the complete installation is fully automated: supervision system, recipe formula management, traceability of ingredients till the printing of smart barcodes.
But these cutting-edge systems cannot ignore the question of operator health and safety. Some dust is bound to escape as it travels from one machine to another, which can make the air unbreathable, or even make the ambient atmosphere explosive. That is why, should the customer wish, NEU Air Moving Technologies can offer built-in sensors at the source and one or more dust extractors situated near the production lines. These extractors are often located right at the start, near the raw material emptying stations. The entire system is always under high anti-explosion protection.
So it’s the case in this Japanese plant. The installation includes a centralized dust removal system (supply DELTA NEU) taking suction on different points of the process. The thus filtered air is returned to the building to ensure a constant temperature and humidity level. So there is no loss of treated air flow rate and as such substantial savings.

NEU Air Moving Technologies provided an innovative dust extraction installation for a French chocolate maker

NEU Air Moving Technologies worked with chocolate maker MONBANA, producer of a wide variety of chocolate products for all types of consumption: drinking chocolate, snacking chocolate, fine gourmet chocolate, and cooking chocolate, when they were building a modern new factory at Saint Sauveur des Landes in France ( Brittany).
NEU Air Moving Technologies provided the entire dust extraction installation for the production line, whilst also optimising energy costs. The very wide variety of packages required an innovative suction system to be designed, with varying air flow according to the quantity of material being bagged by the machines and preparation stations. Whether in the dosing rooms, weighing rooms, mixing rooms or packaging rooms, the sensors were adapted as close as possible to the workstations in order to provide efficient dust extraction under high depression, supported by a large network of ducts connected to a next-generation dust extractor from the NEU range.

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